Friday, July 23, 2010

Our baby girl...Ainsley

Sugar and spice and everything nice....Pink and bows and everything girly!
I am so excited that all of this has begun.When Mat found out we were having a girl I think he was nervous and his first question was, how am I going to be a Dad to a little girl, I don't know how! I reassured him that it would all come naturally and that she is going to have him wrapped around her little finger. His second question was, are you going to always dress her in pink and have her be super girly....uh, yes! Of course I am!
So fun getting the nursery ready for a girl. It was a lot more work, we had to start over with new furniture and everything because what we had left over from the boys was all hand me downs which we handed down to other family members. It didn't break my heart. It was fun to get to buy new stuff. Her nursery is pink and brown and I think Mat secretly likes all the pink!
I am beyond in love with this amazing little girl already!! It's crazy to have a baby inside of you one moment then holding it in your arms the next. It's fun to see her face for the first time and fall in love with her in that second.
Our birthing story is crazy and I need to condense it...but in a nutshell it was amazing and excrutiatingly painful at the same time. I went natural. That should say it all. Luckily it was a pretty fast labor. My dr. stripped my membranes at my appointment in the afternoon at about 3:30 and that night around six I started having regular painful contractions. Mat's cute mom came to our house to pick up the boys while we headed off to the hospital.
We were admitted at 9:30 p.m.... my contractions got stronger right away and I progressed super fast. She was born at 11:53 that night.
We had hired a doula (labor coach) that was assisting us in our natural birth. Let me just say that she was AMAZING at her job and made the biggest difference with me handling my pain and being able to get through the labor and delivery.
From my perspective I did a lot of screaming and crying and yelling and swearing. Mat and our doula did a lot of massaging and touching and calming. I labored in the tub and on the birthing ball until about the last 20 minutes when I had to get on the bed to push.
We had an awesome team. Our nurse was super cute, we loved our doctor who did a great job, and our doula made all the difference. The whole time I was in labor the thought kept running through my head, why does anyone do this to themselves? That, and the question can someone actually die from so much pain? I guess not... I didn't anyway. I survived, but just barely. I don't know if I could do it again....but if the time comes, I probably would. Recovery after birth is so much better and in the long run I'm glad I did it natural, and felt so great afterwards.
I wasn't sure how welcoming the big brothers would actually be once we brought the baby home and they realized that she was here to stay, but they are so cute and concerned and in love with her. I think having a baby girl is just what this family needed.
So fun to have a baby around again, so tiring, our house is a disaster and it's hard to find time to shower, but I love it all.
I love our cute little family and am so happy.


Belnaps said...

So CUTE! Congrats, April! What's her name??? You looked great by the way.

Anonymous said...

Congrats on Ainsley! She is precious. I went natural (not by choice though) with Avery, and epidural with Kyle, and I think if I have #3 I would try natural again. Recovery is way quicker for sure. What a precious family you have!

The Garners said...

She is so precious. And I adore the last family photo. Who cares if your house is messy? My house is messy. And I have absolutely no excuses. We can't wait to come see her room and hold her some more! Love you!

Luke said...

She's beautiful. Congratulations!

Chanda said...

CONGRATULATIONS!!!!! She is lovely. I can tell you are on a baby high! I'm so glad you're posting again, I decided to check back for the heck of it and here you are!

Natalie said...

I didn't know you have a blog. Love your family!